Stop losing the Google lottery

Every single month, small business owners waste outrageous amounts on Google's never-ending SEO lottery. Instead, they could be bringing in fresh hot leads and REAL paying customers.

What is the Google lottery?

As a small business owner, the deck is stacked against you.

Especially when it comes to online marketing.

Google owns most of the organic search traffic. Which means they get to dictate terms about who gets top billing in their search results.

The problem for most small-medium business owners is this: You do not have deep enough pockets to compete with your industry leaders for the competitive ‘first page’ results, no matter what the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) crowd says.

There are only so many spots available on the first page. And your competitors have a head start. Sometimes they are literally decades ahead of you.

Another thing to consider: Google shakes up their search landscape on a regular basis. We have seen business owners with tens of thousands of dollars invested in their SEO lose that investment overnight.


Why do Google do this?

When it comes to Google, there is what they SAY… and then there is the REAL reason.

What they SAY is that they are “continually calibrating the search algorithm for maximum relevancy” in their searches. According to Google, it’s just ‘unfortunate’ that, in the process, some ‘less relevant’ sites get thrown around in the rankings.

And while that is somewhat true, insiders have confessed to us that Google is motivated by profits as well as relevancy.

If you think about it, it makes no sense to make SEO easy from their perspective. And by making it difficult for people to get “free traffic” a whole industry of SEO “professionals” has sprung up to assist, many of whom demand small fortunes on a monthly basis to help you get “FREE” web traffic.

Ultimately, Google makes most of their money from the PAID advertisers using their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) network, called Google Ads.

And things are very different in PPC. Changes are much more carefully thought out. And advertisers are actually REWARDED by Google for being good at PPC.

Google make their advertising CHEAPER by rewarding relevancy to the customer!

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